Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Reborn Baby Jordan

I, Destiny's Magickal Kingdom am Proud to Present
Baby Jordan!! A Reborn For Adoption Created
By The Talented: Comfy Clouds Nursery
....Please View Baby Jordan By
Clicking Here:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Added More To My Website!!

Advertise Your Reborn Or Show Off Your Reborn Photos On My Website...To Find Out More Click This Link: Then Click On "Add Your Baby Or Advertise Here!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

My New Website

I Have Just Created a Website About Reborn Babies...All Information is Free
Take a Peek:

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Am An Avid Doll Collector Are You?

Hi & Welcome Pleasure To Meet You!!

I Started This Blog Because I Love Baby Dolls...All Kinds!
Over The Past 10 Or So Years I Have Collected Many
Different Brands From American Character
Dolls All The Way to Barbie Baby!!
They Are So Much Fun & So
Cute To Display!!

I Have Some Reborn Babies Plus a Few Tiny
Polymer Clay!

I Collect Mainly Life Size Babies & Tiny Ones and A Few
In Between...I Love Them All!!

Porcelain Ones I Collect Are Mainly Geppedo...As I
Find The Children Ones Of These Simply Darling!!

Name Brands Of My Other Babies:

* Ashton Drake = Linda Webb - Waltraud Hanl - Tenneke

* Berenguer

* Berjusa

* Zapf

* Kenner

* Bratz

* Mattel - (More Than Just Barbie)

* Cititoy

* Paradise Galleries (Which I Have Stopped Collecting)

* Jesmar

* Secrist

* Adrie Stoete-Shuiteman

* Tasha Edenholm
* Some Older Ones Unsure Who Made Them

* Many Others Also!!

As You Can Imagine!!.. I Have a Nursery Room Set Up For
These Cuties and It Is Rather Full!!! LOL

If You Love Talking Dolls, Please Post Here As I Would
Love To Hear From You!!

At The Top Of This Blog is a Photo Of My Cutie Trey:

Adrie Stoete-Shuiteman - Audrey Kit